About us

We import and market high quality global brands in the Icelandic market. Our main focus is to grow retail distribution and create brand awareness. We provide tailored brand development and distributor service that maximizes consumer availability for your brand. We value the relationship and good cooperation with our suppliers.

All of our suppliers have a few things in common – they produce exceptional quality products that are friendly to the environment and are without any harsh chemicals. Our suppliers are the leaders in their respective markets, or have a great potential to become one.

Our distribution network reaches across the country and we build strong partnership with our clients.

History of M5

The company was established in 2016 and we started out as an online store with a few well selected brands for babies, but things evolved quickly and within the first year we became a distribution company for some of the brands we had been selling. We have since then grown quickly and added a few more brands to our selection.

Our mission

M5 is determined to become the leader in providing Icelanders high quality products that are both environmentally friendly and without any harsh chemicals. We see the future as an opportunity to learn and grow and we are open to new opportunities.

Feel free to contact us at iris(@)mfimm.is we would love to hear from you.